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  • Margherita

    Classic Italian Pizza with Mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce
  • Hot Vegetariana

    Hot Vegetariana
    Fresh Mushrooms,mixed peppers,hot green chillies,jalapenos,red onions,sweetcorn fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese
  • Quattro Formaggi

    Quattro Formaggi
    Dolcelatte,Mozzarella,Gorgonzola and Goast Cheese
  • Funghi

    Mushrooms.tarragon,sliced fresh tomato and mozzarella cheese
  • Traditional Vegetariana

    Traditional Vegetariana
    Oven Roasted Mushrooms, sweet jalapenos,mixed peppers,red onions,touch of garlic,topped with mozzarella cheese and pinapple
  • Tropicana

    Ham,Pineapple and Mango
  • Italian Meat Feast

    Italian Meat Feast
    Ham,Spicy Pepperoni,Beef and Sausage
  • BBQ Chicken Supreme

    BBQ Chicken Supreme
    BBQ sauce based pizza,chicken,sausage,red onion, and mix peppers
  • Double Pepperoni

    Double Pepperoni
    Double Spicy Pepperoni and Double Mozzarella Cheese
  • Parma

    Ham,Mushrooms & Olives
  • Americana

    Italian Spicy Pepperoni,Mixed Peppers,Red Onions,Sliced Tomatoes,Jalapenos Peppers
  • Mediterranean Meatballs

    Mediterranean Meatballs
    Meatballs,Red Onion,Mixed Peppers and Sweet Jalapenos
  • Inferno

    Spicy Pepperoni,Sausage,hot green chillies and fresh tomato
  • Chicken Supreme

    Chicken Supreme
    Chicken,Sliced Mushrooms,Red Onion & Mix Peppers
  • Sloppy Guiseppe

    Sloppy Guiseppe
    Spiced Beef,Mixed Peppers,Red Onions and Fresh Tomatoes
  • Seafood Milano

    Seafood Milano
    Prawns,Tuna,Mushrooms,Anchovies & Rocket
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